​My perception of Healing Myself & others has expanded & opened over the years!  I never knew Colon Hydrotherapy would help me!

Before I could Assist others to heal, I knew I had to heal myself.

​I started my healing career in 1997 as a massage therapist and continued to grow into other healing modalities.  I too started to heal my self with various techniques.  I thought that I could heal the world through my hands doing massage.  I soon realized I couldn't physically do that much longer because I was physically exhausted.  I added energy healing to my practice and also worked on myself.  I Learned a lot about energy and how to heal by simple techniques that include breath and focus.  I soon grew into seeing how healing takes place in many forms.  Healing was happening with my writing, my voice through guided meditation and also with my words for those who read my book.  Healing was happening in my various classes I was teaching when people would share and learn how to process.    

For me, Colon Hydrotherapy Saved my life. Early 2015 I could not walk, bend over, or sit without having to support myself.  I had such bad low back pain and and abdominal pain.  I tried so many things to heal it.  Chiropractic, massage, food, herbs, etc....And it only got worse to where I was swollen in my abdomen and looked like I was 5 months pregnant.  I was worried and thought I better get everything checked out.  I decided to go to the gynocologist and was diagnosed with Adenomyosis where my uterus was swelling and the only solution they could offer was a Hysterectomy.  Well, I did not want to take serious measures such as that.  A friend of mine kept telling me to go get a colonic.  I DID NOT want to do that....I mean, Who wants to do that?  All I could think of was being uncomfortable and having something in my rectal area....Plus, What does the COLON have to do with My UTERUS?

Out of desperation, I decided to go and have one done.  As I started, I realized my fear was unwarranted.  Because the insertion of the nozzle was small like the size of a straw.  And it wasn't uncomfortable because it only went inside an inch or so.....

During the session, I had a good release but the therapist educated me on the fact that we have 5 feet of colon and I started to think about how I ate over the last 20 years and how I have never done anything like this.  SO I decided to do several sessions to help my body along.  I wanted to have a re-set And to give my body some help moving things out if there was anything causing any problems.

After the 7th session, I had a great release.  Because Colon Hydro therapists cannot or DO NOT diagnose; I had to discover for myself what was best for me and go off of how I as feeling.  After that 7th session, I could walk again.  I could sit up and get off the floor with NO pain.  I could reach down and touch my toes.....And my stomach went way down....And the next month, I had no issues with my menstrual cycle.  I released material that I know had to be YEARS old.  I didn't realize how impacted I was.  I was having bowel movements everyday.  I didn't consider myself to be constipated.  I was regular...So I thought.  I was shocked once the material came out then I released even more.  All I could think of was "where is all this coming from?  Why didn't it come out the first couple of sessions?"  I realized that my colon wall needed a good cleanse.  This statement is kind of gross so prepare yourself.  What if you didn't clean your toilet for 6 months?  10 years?  You are going to get things stuck on the walls.  

Soon after my sessions I started working in a clinic for colon hydrotherapy because I was so excited and passionate about my new discovery.  I felt like everything starts in the colon and I had to help educate the world on this treatment.  I thought to myself;  If the COLON was clear, then issues in the body may be able to heal on its own.!  But maybe it was just me?  Maybe I'm the only one? 

For 7 Months I would listen to clients on the way out of the clinic and their stories of how colon hydrotherapy was changing their life and how much better they were feeling.  And because of this, I decided to continue my education in healing and add this to my modalities of healing services.  I wanted to learn from the best and I went to San Antonio to learn directly from the LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy company.

If you are not sure if colon hydrotherapy will help you, why not give it a shot?  Come in for a consultation and education and ask me any questions you may have.  I can empower you on making a decision for yourself based on my knowledge of colon hydrotherapy.  

However, I do not diagnose or promise to treat.  I tell my story, because I took my POWER and my ability to decided what was best for me and my body.  I'm Happy I tried it.  

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