Start your Membership! $59.00 For One Colonic

NO Contract!  Just a healthy GUT!

**New Clients Book Two sessions Two days in a Row.  The system will ask for a CC, but it's just a hold.  You will be charged the day you come in.

Colon Hydrotherapy $150 for Two Sessions

Single Session $75

Membership $59 Monthly Includes: One colonic


Ionic Foot Bath $45 for 30 Minutes  *$20 for Members

Infrared Sauna $45  *$20 For Members

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Colon Hydrotherapy

             Colon Hydrotherapy. Infrared Sauna Tempe & Phoenix. Breathe, Sweat, Eliminate. 

Colon Hydrotherapy. Colonic
colonic, colon hydrotherapy